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www.pestipm.org is a trusted source for unbiased pest information for residential and commercial owners. We are a clearinghouse for information related to urban pests. We are not affiliated with or sponsored by any commercial pest control product companies or pest control service providers.

All the content and beautiful photographs are provided by Gary Alpert PhD, a world-renowned entomologist and author. As Harvard University’s pest control expert for more than 30 years, he has solved all types of pest related issues. In the past, Gary has worked as a pest control consultant for pest control companies, universites, museums, the National Park Service, the World Bank, US Embassies, the military and more. An active researcher, Gary has collected ants from Mozambique, Madagascar, Australia and North America.

Gary is currently an Associate at the Harvard Museum of Comparative Zoology. His latest 2012 book A field guide to the ants of New England has won numerous awards.

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