Drain Fly


The common drain fly Clogmia albipunctata or moth fly or filter fly is found breeding in heavily polluted moist habitats. This pest is an indication of a sanitary waste leak or ejector pit problem or other polluted stagnant water problem.


These drain or moth flies often rest on walls and do not readily fly off when approached. When they do fly they move only short distances in a jerky motion. They have numerous small scales on their wings that protect them from spider webs and predators. The scales easily fall off leaving the adult fly to escape.


Drain flies breed rapidly and can explode in large outbreaks from a sewer break or other sanitary leak. Mostly nocturnal, they are weak flyers and are often found near their breeding source. They are commonly found in bathrooms, shower stalls and ejector pits in the basement of buildings.


The most difficult part of control is to find the breeding location for these flies. The larva or maggot stage is small and aquatic and difficult to see. The flies depart from the breeding source and disperse to light and then mate and search out new locations. Cleaning of floor drains can help remedy a moth fly infestation but often there is a more serious sanitary break or problem involved. The best way to control these small flies is to find and repair the sanitary break.

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