Japanese Beetle



The Japanese Beetle Popillia japonica is a very serious pest of more than 200 species of plants in the United States. Damage to the plant is done by consuming the leaf material between the veins and by eating the fruit if present.


These clumsy fliers often drop off plants when disturbed rather than directly flying upwards. The thorax and head is a bright green color and the wing covers a light brown.


The scarab beetle larvae or white grubs develoop in the soil. The life cycle is about one year.


As a white grub or larva, the Japanese beetle lives in lawns and meadows where it eats the roots of grasses. The grubs are suseptible to milky spore disease.

Pheromone traps for adults draw in more beetles than they catch. This means it is better for your neighbor to purchase and set up these traps to draw beetles away from your property. If you have the time, you can hand pick off these beetles and drown in soapy water.

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