Northern House Mosquito



The northern house mosquito Culex pipiens is the most common urban mosquito in New England.

It breeds in stagnant water, bites during the evening and can transmit West Nile Virus. You can do a lot to reduce your risk from this mosquito.


This mosquito deposits its eggs in clumps called rafts on the surface of stagnent water. The larvae, known as wrigglers, take two weeks or more to become an adult. The adults are brown with white markings. Their legs are black except for a light colored upper leg. The abdomen has a broad white crossband on top that is widest along the midline.


This mosquito breeds in artifical containers, ditches, storm sewer catch basins, plugged roof drains, and any polluted standing water. Adults are only active at night and are found resting during the day. During the winter months adults often are found in large storm drains.

This mosquito can transmit West Nile Virus to birds, horses and humans.


There are many steps you can take to reduce your contact with this mosquito.

*Use repellent prior to evening and night activity

*Keep screens intact when windows are open

*Improve drainage to eliminate standing water

*Clean roof leaders and down spouts

*Remove any containers that can fill with standing water and discard old tires

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