Pennsylvania Wood Cockroach



There are several species of wood cockroach including the Pennsylvania wood cockroach (Parcoblatta pennsylvanica) that occassionally enter homes as a nusience rather than as a serious pest. The adult males fly to lights during the evening and occassionlly end up indoors.


The Pennsylvania wood cockroach is most often encountered as an adult with light brown wings. The antennae are very long and the cockroach readily flies. Adult males are about one inch long and dark brown with full wings. Females are shorter with wing pads and cannot fly.


Found in nature under wooden logs in vegetation and in hollow trees. The nymphs or immatures do not enter homes and are seldom if ever seen. During warm spring and summer months the adults disperse to mate and often are attracted to lights.


Picking up and tossing this cockroach outside is all that is needed for control. Tight screens on windows and doors will prevent entry.

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