How to take photos

Taking photos of small insects, arthropods (spiders, mites) and wild animals often requires a combination of patience, luck, perservence and special equipment.

For macro photography there are many commercial options availabe. Many camera manufactures now sell Digital Single Lens Reflex (DSLR) cameras along with special macro lenses. Do not forget about using your phone camera or tablet camera since these images are of high quality and the camera you have on hand is always better than no camera.

Many of the photographs in the gallery section of this website were taken with a Canon 7D camera and a 65mm macro lens. Dual flash lighting with diffusers create more of an action shot without blurring. The flash is often set to Manual rather than ETTL and the power of the flash output adusted from one eight to one half second duration. The camera ISO is often set as low as possible, around 100 to 400. On manual mode the camera is postioned so that you can easily focus by moving the camera toward or away from the pest. F-stop is within the range of F16 down to F9 or F11.

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